Print builds trust during the validation stage.

From humble beginnings in 1999, iTAG (Independent Travelers Activity Guide) started out in a Queenstown garage with an objective to provide an easier way for travelers to quickly make a booking decision. ITAG made it simple to learn what activities cost, how long they took and what others thought was special about that product. ITAG was born as a small directory that ordered similar products (ie. Jet Boating, Rafting, Scenic Cruises, River Boarding – all Water Activities). The main Categories of Activities were Water, Air, Land, Milford, Restaurants and Snow (in the Winter).

With each product having a 1/4 page listing that displayed, Price, Duration, Departure times, Things to bring, and most importantly an ITAG Comment that outlined what we thought was unique and positive about that product.  We named this product the ITAG Activity and Menu Guide – and it is now the largest and most comprehensive printed directory for Queenstown, Wanaka and the Southern Lakes.

ITAG began with a ‘WHY’ – that was to help buyers cut through the confusion with hundreds of options. ITAG also provided front-line staff with a Product Manual that helped them advise their guests/clients about products options quickly and confidently. These two original products are still used today, even with the digital information age – because the key information to validate the purchase decision is still not provided anywhere else in print or online.

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