iTAG Travel Media Product Suite

ITAG Travel Media has built a suite of key products since 2000. The objective has been to position each product with key roles that serve the end-user. From the mass produced Activity Guide to the niche distribution of the In-Room Compendium – each product serves a separate purpose to best reach, influence and inform the visitor.


Queenstown Activity Guide

Print Run:
Winter 100,000cps
Summer 200,000cps

Summer (October to May) 8 months,
Winter (June – September) 4 months

Circulation: 450 locations
Size: DLE (128 pp)
Read time: average 15-25 minutes per reader
Purpose: to simplify and compare only the best options to the decision maker at point of purchase.

Overview: The Original ITAG Activity Directory – has powerful proposition – ‘to answer simply the key questions – what is there to do, what does it cost and how long does it take’ – within 48hrs of experiencing an activity. The Activity Guide has shown in research to be one of the strongest influencers during the final stage of the booking process. The Activity Guide lists all products into simple categories including; water products, air products, land products, family fun products, restaurants and bars.

Being handed and recommended to the visitor at check-in – the Activity Guide is the fastest moving local guide for Queenstown. It clearly outlines only the best local activities and restaurants – when visitors are most likely to book (Research shows – 73 percent of visitors book within 48 hours of the experience).

Queenstown AG

Queenstown In-Room Compendium

Print Run:
Winter 2,800cps
Summer 2,800cps

Summer (October to May) 8 months,
Winter (June – September) 4 months

Circulation: 2200 locations
Size: A4 Perfect Bound (128 pp)
Read time: average 30 minutes per reader
Purpose: to impress and inform with a full A3 landscape menu or activity sales brochure in room.

Overview: The Queenstown In-Room Compendium – is a quality, perfect bound, A4 landscape publication, listing only the best recommended restaurant menus in Queenstown – it has become a leading source of information for the reader to digest information at their leisure in the comfort of their room. The In-Room Compendiums are placed in nearly every motel, lodge, and holiday home in Queenstown. We now have over 600 Airbnb establishments, with this list growing substantially over the past 18 months.

This product has been ideal for those looking to see a menu or an activity brochure, to plan for their next day during the evening prior.

Queenstown Desk Map

Print Run:
Winter 50,000cps
Summer 100,000cps

Summer (October to May) 8 months,
Winter (June – September) 4 months

Circulation: 150 Booking agents and Accommodation establishments
Size: A3
Purpose: Quick tear-off map to direct customers and guests

Overview: The Queenstown Map is the latest innovation from ITAG. First published in 2015 this product has become a popular product for the frontline. The map has the cleanest CBD map, whilst on the reverse it is the only map that shows a wider area map with clear directions to Frankton and the big box shops.

Built as an easy tear-off product – it has been surprising how many front counters have made this their go-to for giving directions to their guests when they arrive at their accommodation.

Queenstown Trade Manual

Print Run:
Winter 400cps
Summer 400cps

Summer (October to May) 8 months,
Winter (June – September) 4 months

Circulation: 300 agents
Size: A4 (128 pp)
Purpose: Front-line Bible – the go to for front-liners when advising and booking products.

Overview: The ITAG Trade Manual was first published in 2001. The front line booking agents required key booking information quickly and reliably to facilitate their role in the booking process. With over 1800 product lines this product is still used to inform and book products. It is also used by key booking systems today to update their digital product information.

Wanaka Loop Map

Print Run: 70,000cps

Issues: Annual
Circulation: Accommodation and Activities
Size: A3
Purpose: Front-line tear off map in Wanaka to give directions.

Overview: The Wanaka Loop Map has been the brain child of local businesses looking to promote what there is to do on the ‘Loop Road’ from Wanaka to Queenstown. Unique and popular with front-liners who look to promote a day trip to and from Queenstown.

ITAG is continuing to build this map with more free and interesting alternatives including walks and historic places of interest.


Christchurch Activity Guide

Print Run: Annually 200,000cps

Issues: Summer (October to September) 12 months,

Circulation: 400 locations
Size: DLE (70 pp)
Purpose; to inform of products within the region.

Overview; The Christchurch and Canterbury Activity Guide was first published in Winter 2004, based on the Queenstown Activity Guide product – this directory is also laid out with activities in the front and Restaurants in the back half.

The main different is this product covers a much wider region – from the Mackenzie Country region in the south to the Hanmer and Kaikoura regions in the north.

Very strong distribution at key entry points into Canterbury – the guide is the fastest moving product from Christchurch Airport and from key motel and hotel accommodation outlets in Christchurch.

Christchurch In-Room Compendium

Print Run: 2600cps

Issues: Annual

Circulation: 120 Motels/Hotels and Apartments (1980 rooms)
Size: A4 Perfect Bound (128 pp)
Purpose: to inform in room.

Overview: The Christchurch In-Room Product is a great way for restaurants and activity owners to get their product into the hands of visitors as they decide what they are going to do today or tomorrow. With over 14,000 page views per week from 1980 rooms city wide, this product is a must for local restaurants to expose their menus to a key target market.

The Christchurch In-Room Compendium is exclusive to each motel room – meaning that our terms enforce rooms are clean of any other conflicting products – allowing those that advertise maximum return and exposure on their advertising spend.

Christchurch Motel Map

Print Run: 100,000cps

Issues: Annually (October to September) 12 months,

Circulation: 95 Motels
Size: A3
Purpose: Clean tear-off map to easily direct for frontliners

Overview: Also based on the successful Queenstown town map– the Christchurch Motel Map Product has quickly become a go-to product for the front line. Introduced in 2017, this product has been very successful in the CBD, four avenues, Papanui Road and Riccarton Road areas.

The Christchurch Motel Map is being introduced as the main map used from the Christchurch Airport ISITE – From as little at $75/mth you are able to expose your business to over 100,000 visitors to the city.


Jasons Maps & Drive Guides

Jasons Drive Guide

Print Run: 200,000cps

Issues: Annual
Circulation: Rental Cars, Campervans and information centres nation-wide
Size: A1
Purpose: Information tool handed out at front-counter – to help advise on the road ahead

Overview: New Zealand’s most popular free driving map. Designed to help decide what route to drive with key attractions and activities listed. The Jasons Drive Guide Maps have become a key go-to for front-liners who can easily handout a map to direct their customers. We have also customise a large percentage of these maps for select channels – see below for more information. The Jasons Drive Guide Map is a very useful tool for the passenger and the driver to plan their route through New Zealand – highlighting where and what the key attractions are on their journey. A new feature last year was the 15 BEST DRIVES for each Island and also the 40 TOP ATTRACTIONS.

Customised Map Channels

Print Run: 100,000cps

Issues: Annual
Circulation: ISITE, Apex, and Apollo Campers
Size: A1
Purpose: Information tool handed out as part of the check-in process

Overview: The Jasons Drive Map is now branding for selected key tourism brands. The Co-Branded Map is now part of their internal check-in processes – being handed to every customer as they check-in for their vehicle. For the ISITE network the map is key to directing clients to stay or experience what they recommend. The easiest way for fronline consultants to discuss and promote attractions further down the road.

Maps are now printed on off-set paper – making them easy to write instructions on – or to circle where and what is recommended.
These maps are every important to their business and reinforces to the advertisers that your message is getting into the right hands.