Bay of Islands Holiday Accommodation

About iTAG, the Local Information Network

The iTAG Local Information Network started 12 years ago, when two friends in Queenstown were asking questions about how much it cost to 'River-surf' the Kawarau River, and if you needed to take swimming togs on the local 'Funyak Tour'. These questions were based on better advising our friends who were visiting during the Christmas holidays. These two simple questions led to the light 'bulb moment', justifying the challenge to put together a directory that contained information about what activities cost, how long they took, when they departed, and most importantly, what other people thought was remarkable about that activity....


Since that very humble start in December 1999, iTAG was born and has grown to be the first choice local information resource for visitors. Originally named the 'Independent Travellers Activity Guide' (iTAG for short), it was soon realised that not only our friends found this directory handy, that international visitors and the travel industry were utilising the conveniently structured information. Twelve years on iTAG has printed more than 7.2 million Activity Guides, Menu Guides, and Local Maps, and still remains true to that early idea; 'to be the best source of local activity information for both the local and the visiting public'.


Fast-forward to today with our considerable investment into on-line solutions for the end-user and the travel trade, both locally and globally, ITAG is ready to launch the next stable of information solutions. We are proud of our products, and the underlying promise to help support the visitor to the region. We take our role seriously, and understand the importance of the advice we provide to better assist you the reader.


We welcome any suggestions that could improve how you assess and make your purchase decisions. Please email us at if you have ideas to help in the quest.


Happy travels.


The iTAG Team